My craigslist casual encounter real story experience

Hi guys! A lot of people always ask me about the people I meet on craigslist and I just tell them to try it out themselves and see what happens. I have been posting on craigslist for about 3 months now and it took a little over 2 months for me to find someone who was real that responded to my add. I am in the Gainesville Florida area just to give you an idea of a metro area time to find someone on casual encounters. I must of filtered through dozens of bots and a few BBW that did not interest me. Keep in mind this was for a casual encounter so that means whoever I said yes to meant that things might get a little sticky. I had to be prepared to get stiky with someone I didnt mind getting sticky with. And of course make sure they didnt mind getting sticky with me either lol! So anyhow people keep asking me what happened what happened - did somthing happen between you guys and how did you make it happen etc. Ok so I am tired of telling the story over and over to everyone. I am referring these people to my blog story here instead. This is a true documentation of what happened, oh about 3 weeks ago between me and Brianna the girl I met on craigslist encounters. I am not mentioning any last names and guys don't ask me to hook you up with her or anyone ese on craigslist for you. Do it yourself like I had to. Ok so the intriduction out of the way, here is what happened to me on craigslist:

me - 5" 10 180 lbs brown hair brown eyes - Kalub

her - 5"5 120 lbs brown hair brown eyes - Brianna

I started out by posting my ad on craigslist of course for the Gainesville area with like a 90 mile radius because well I am willing to travel a bit to be with someone who meets my ideal criteria for a casual encounter. If I had to skip over a local BBW and drive 50 miles to find someone who wouldn't crush me, I would go that route. BBWs, no offense, this is my craigslist story and preference. I don't mind being friends with you, but I don't want a BBW casual encounter with you lol! Ok anyhow my ad has changed up a bit since my original post. But if you want to see what bait made the catch here is what I wrote (and you can copy this in your own add if you think the luck is here): Bored with life and looking for a climax spike. Single Italian guy 5"11 180 lbs brown hair/eyes 30 years old looking for a nice lady 20-40 yrs old preferably.I consider myself to be above average in everything - looks,intelligence,decision making. Thats not being arrogant - thats confidence!. If you would like to have a sexy night with me reply with "sexy night" in the reply line. I will send a picture to the first real replies I get. You must send me a picture in the reply to my picture email to keep the conversation going. This is all I ask! I am discreet/dd free/smoke free/drug free. We can go out and grab something to eat or whatever too. This doesn't have to be a boring night in the bedroom neccessarily but I would like it to end up there so I am posting on craigslist. We can negotiate on what we want the "casual" stuff to be! I am very flexible when it comes to satisfying the desire of my No BBW or men or couples or married women. Trust me when I say I got a lot of spam bots emailing me. The majority of the replies were bull spam bots inviting me to click their link and join their stupid dating site. You need to watch out for that garbage. One of my buddies got a virus from clicking a craigslist link and his computer shut down. I told him wtf made you join the website you know it was a fake advertisement like they do all the time. He just told me he was curious to see where they led and what kind of money they were trying to get out of him for talking to a chick on a web cam lol. Kind of serves him right and anyone else who is foolish enough to click one of those fake links. But anyhow on with what happened. So after posting for nearly 2 friggin months, a girl named Brianna finally puts "sexy night" in the reply and I am thinking oh great another bot. But this is where things get interesting. REAL interesting. Let me copy the conversation below:

Brianna - Hi how are you I am Brianna and I am from Jacksonville Are you still looking for a casual encounter? lol if so send me a picture please and I will send you one. 32/w/f
Me - Hi Brianna! Here is a picture of myself. I am waiting on yours. I am from Gainesville like my ad said. I am so glad you are not a bot btw. Right? You aren't a bot right? lol
Brianna - Hi Kalub lol cute pic and no I am not a bot I am really real believe it or not. Here are some pictures of me one of them I am with my friend Heather I am standing on the right wearing the blue shirt. We were kind of tipsy in the picture so if I have a goofy look on my face you know why lol anyhow let me know if you like it. So what do you like to do on any given friday night?
Me - Hey nice pictures you are really pretty. I am surprised you are on craigslist you should be out in public getting all of those smiles instead of from a computer, but I guess this is a new thing for you? This is my frist time posting on craigslist casual encounters so I was hoping I could meet someone like that too but that still wants to have fun lol. Umm so on Friday nights I like to have a few drinks and hang out on party town road which is University Boulevard here in Gainesville. There is always something happening there. There are like a bunch of different places to eat and lounges to hang out at. What do you do?
Brianna - Awe thanks I think I am ok looking but nothing that would keep me from looking on craigslist lol. I like to do the same stuff as you apparently. I wish I lived in Gainesville because I have hung out there before and I like the party scene WAY better then JAX any damn day of the week.So yeah tommorrow is Friday so I figured I would ask if you want to get together then.I dont have a car at the moment, but I can get a friend to bring me hang out ffor a minute or drop me off lol whatever.I would love to go for a few drinks first if possible because I love Gainesville parties.Thats another reason I thought I would email you lol.So I can get a ride there tommorrow night if thats what you want to do?
Me - I was thinking Saturday night because I work til 9pm unless you want to start at 9pm I have all day Saturday off and Sunday off so this is the weekend to do something for sure. I am mobile btw and I could probably even pick you up in Jacksonville unless your friend wants to come to Gainesville anyhow. I have an apartment in Gainesville we can always come back to and watch a movie if we get bored lol. Is that cool?

I just want to add that somewhere in the emails we decided to use a messenger service for like 40 minutes so things got moving really fast. The whole time I was sending emails things just kept moving in the right direction which was surprising to me at the least because of all of the bots I freakin ran into over 2 months. It was like she read my mind and knew I had been filtering a bunch of emails already. Anyhow, this was the end of the emails and at this point we decide to get on messenger:

Brianna - Ok messenger was a good idea. Umm lol Me - Yeah I hate checking email over and over this is faster Brianna - Heather said she wants to come to Gainesville and will bring me Me - So wait you were trying to find something to do in Gainesville because she already had plans to come here? Brianna - kinda lol She is meeting someone from craigslist too lol Me- what? lol Brianna - Yeah but they are going to do their own thing unless you want to hang out with everyone we can all do something but they are going to get a motel room and stay over night Me - oh thats cool I would like to do our own thing but I don't mind having a few with you and your friend when you get here I know a few places that you will like Brianna - Cool I don't care where we hang out. I am cool with getting something and bringing it back to your apartment too. I am just trying to get out of Jacksonville for a weekend because my best friend is going out and I won't have anything to do. Me - Thats fine. We can do both have a few drinks at the lounge and bring something back for later and watch a movie it doesnt matter to me. I know I put my ad in casual but I would like to go out before the casual part myself lol Brianna - I totally respect that we can get to know each other for a minute. Me - I am thinking meet me at the motel 6 at 9:30 Friday night then. I will have my car and they can follow us to the lounge then. Not much else I can say since its already 11pm and Friday is an hour away lol. That and you coming from Jacksonville. So what do you think?

Brianna - Ok I will get with Heather and email you tommorrow because she is in bed. If not then I will let you know if I need a ride but I doubt it. Besides it would get real late and we would have to find something to do here in JAX unless we just came back to my place which is ok with me too lol

Me - Hmm I might not want to do Gainesville then if we can just go to your place lol

Brianna - lol its cool I got playstation 3 and some drinks at my place for Friday night just in case. Me - Oh I was just joking but let me know if you change your mind about hanging out somewhere if you just want to chill out. I will check email tommorrow then

Brianna - ok good night I am going to bed been a long day Me - me too cya tommorrow

So we ended the email and messenger like that on Thursday. I did cut out some of the conversation but nothing that as important like details and arrangements. Believe it or not the conversation went that smooth. All I have to say is I got lucky with the right person. And I am sure that doesn't happen very often if ever for some people. The thing is to make something work on craigslist casual encounters you have to keep doing it I mean like keep your ad on there for months until you get someone intereted and a real email. If you post for a week and give up after a few days or whatever you aren't going to meet someone for real. I mean unless you are responding to ads then that is a different story. I am talking about putting your own ad on craigslist and waiting for a reply so this is a totally different game going on. If you just want to reply to whats out there be prepared to get no reply and get the same spam bot garbage you normally get when you get a reply. That never stops either way. Oh ok so the email I got back from Brianna lol here it is. I got it about 5pm on Friday evening on my iphone:

Hi Kalub Heather said she is coming to Gainesville and bringing me for the ride so she doesnt get bored driving lol. She will drop me off at motel 6 at 9:30pm. We will be there a little early to make sure you are not late. So umm see you at the motel - Oh here is my cell number if you want to txt me: ###-###-#### Brianna

Ok so this was official then. She wrote back and said she would meet me and gave me her cell number. So to shorten this up a bit I started driving to motel 6 about 9 and pulled up and msg'd her. She said she was on the way and I stood out front so they could see me. I guess they were already in Gainesville from about 7pm or something because there was 3 ppl in the car. She said they had been there for awhile chilling out with the guy her friend met. We greeted each other without a hug...

Me - hi whats up Im Kalub Brianna - Cool Im Brianna and this is Heather and Scott Heather & Scott - whats up Me - so do you guys want to follow us to the lounge its a place next to 420 cafe. Scott - yeah thats cool I know where its at so we'll follow

Ok so they followed us to the lounge and I had like 1 dark lager and Brianna had 3 shots of tequilla. I think she got more buzzed then me to be honest but I had to drive so 1 dark lager was plenty before I had to drive lol. I stopped at a fine liquor store and bought a whole bottle of Tequilla and Jack Daniels Coke and some margarita mix for the ride back. Oh I rented Chronicles of Riddick which was kinda old skool because she wanted to see that. So we decided to go back to my place and I told Heather I would meet them at the motel 6 Saturday around 1pm because we all thought about going to the beach. So not only did this turn out to be a casual encounter it turned out to be a party weekend for me. So here is what happened back at my crib:

I made her this strong ass drink of tequilla and margarita and me the same of Jack and Coke and we got an hour into Riddick until we couldnt even focus on the movie anymore. We were making all of these comments about Vin Diesel and the movie and stuff. I was not sitting next to her but I was kind of scooting her way on the couch as my buzz got more intense lol. Obviously she was gonna crash here because I heard her tell her friend to leave her. This made me feel good btw. So as we were joking around drunk as hell somehow my arm ended up on the couch behind her and slipped around her. And I ended up pulling her closer and closer to me little by little without realising it. She looked at me at one point and said are we going to drink anymore or what the hell and started laughing so hard she leaned into me so close her mouth near mine and I kissed her. A nice juicy kiss ok? It lasted like 8 minutes or something lol. Then she said she was hot and took her shirt off but she askedif it was ok first if she did lol because she did all the time at her place. So she had this sexy sports bra on underneath of it and then she went to the bathroom after she took her shirt off and said she would be right back. She came back in her boxers and sports bra and looked sexy. She came and strattled around me and said do you want to make us some more drinks in a minute? I dont know if I was drunk or what but the TV ended up on mute and the stereo came on just as fast as she came outof the bathroom lol. She got into my music and put on Reggaeton CD I had by my stereo. I was totally into her at this point we kissed for another 5 minutes or so and I was getting turned on by her. I thought one more round of those strong ass drinks I just made would do it for us. So umm I fixed the drinks and she wanted to see my bedroom. So us and the drinks made headway to the bedroom way and things got crazay lol. She spilled a little tequilla on me when she sat on the bed next to me and licked it off my arm and told me sorry about that. The music from the living room was so loud it masked whatever we had in store in the bed lol. We put the drinks down on the night stand and I was on top of her. Lets just put it this way for now until I can get an ok to put detail for detail here. Stuff happened. Casual stuff happened. And I just want you to know that it can happen and my story is proof it happens. I believe in craigslist casual encounters now. At first I didnt and it took me 2 damn months to become a believer. Today is 2 weeks after we met for the first time and we msg each other all the time about how good of a time we had. We are now seeing each other on the weekends OH YEAH! We went to the beach the next day too lol. Umm Jacksonville beach and I saw her apartment. I dont know how long or where this fling will go but I hope I get to do it more often because I am liking it and plus I dont have to post on craigslist again. Anyhow good luck to everyone trying to make something happen on craigslist. The bots and spam are a damn shame and so annoying. But this can really happen if you hang in there. I mean if you are willing to wait as long as me it might pay off. Karma can be a good thing sometimes. Feel free to copy and paste my original craigslist ad I mean hell you dont have anything to lose right? If you really want to get into a casual encounter then be ready for it. They call it casual encounter for a good reason - people are going to have a casual encounter and that might mean getting closer to someone then you might be ready for lol. You want to make sure the chemistry is right. It was right with me and Brianna but it isnt aways going to be like that. And trust me I turned down about 3 people through the bots. Some people are just rediculous and dont read what you are looking for in your ad so be ready for them too.